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GlobalSearch C2 improves business productivity by providing better access to information and creating a foundation for managing, sharing and securing content.
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Information Management in the Cloud

Many organizations face business challenges associated with unmanaged content inefficiencies. GlobalSearch C2 solves these challenges by delivering the tools to capture, distribute, discover, archive and manage your content.

As a cloud hosted Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, GlobalSearch C2 takes control of all your business-critical information and enables you to deliver relevant content to users when they need it, from wherever you are.
Designed to work with the core business technology in your office, such as desktop scanners, GlobalSearch C2 also enhances the user experience at the touch panel of your multi-function printer with the ability to add multiple levels of capture automation. 
No more back ups to perform, no more regular server maintenance and no more upgrades to apply. All of the work is already done, allowing you to experience the full benefits of Enterprise Content Management in your organization year after year.
As a solution that manages information regardless of the source, from scanned documents, PDF files, email, web forms and more,  GlobalSearch C2 supports all forms of content allowing you to make decisions on information regardless of where it comes from.

Digital Transformation


Reduce Costs

Dramatically lower costs in storage, filing, retrieval and paper handling as your organization eliminates document overflow. 


Increase Collaboration 

Significantly improve productivity with more effective collaboration between individuals and departments. 


Ensure Compliance

Adhere to guidelines, regulations and specifications by reducing the risk of non-compliance with secured document storage.


Maintain Continuity 

Assurance of business continuity allows organizations to maintain essential functions in case of unexpected natural disaster. 

Experience the C2 Difference

GlobalSearch C2 is the solution for managing information more efficiently.


Secure Content Platform

We understand the importance you place on protecting your sensitive business information. Designed for 99.9% uptime and 99.9999% document durability, you can rest assured that your documents stored in GlobalSearch C2 are safe, secure and always available.

Extend the Cloud to Your Desktop

The key to a quality user experience is the ability to bring together your cloud solutions and your desktop applications. With GlobalSearch Extensions we conquer the great desktop divide with a series of small applets that allow you to use GlobalSearch C2 as if it were installed locally.

Scan from Multifunction Printer

Looking to add some functionality to your multifunctional printer (MFP)? With the addition of GlobalCapture Convey, your MFP will not only scan to the cloud, it will pre-process your documents with tools like text searchable PDF creation, automated separation, classification, routing and even data extraction.

Unique Solutions Builder

GlobalSearch C2 features a simple Solutions Builder that allows you to quickly create document repositories and searches based on proven industry practices. C2 offers vertically and horizontally focused business applications designed to increase the value of your solution, while reducing deployment times and increasing overall productivity.  

The Platform for Growth

GlobalSearch C2 is virtually limitless in the ability to scale to the needs of almost any organization. With options like the ability to add powerful workflow capabilities for guiding the flow of information throughout your organization, this could be the last ECM solution you’ll ever need.

A Solution for Everyone

GlobalSearch C2 offers three levels of solutions allowing you to scale to the needs of your organization. 


Office Essentials

With a value based pricing model for the small business customer, C2 Essentials delivers a cloud ECM solution for getting control of your business content and reducing the cost of managing information.

Work Group.png

Workgroups Edition

For organizations looking to automate the flow of information within a department or small business environment, look towards our Workgroups solutions for a true business process management experience.

Office Essentials.png

Enterprise Edition

Ready to take information management to the next level? The Enterprise Edition is fully prepared to deliver. With unlimited workflow capabilities and accessibility tools all included, this is the platform for untethered growth.

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