Managing, Sharing and Securing Content Remotely.

GlobalSearch Cloud for Business Essentials gives you and your team remote access to business-critical documents allowing you to remain productive and collaborative no matter where you are located. 
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Revolutionizing Information Management

GlobalSearch Cloud for Business Essentials connects directly to your desktop scanner or multi-function printer for simplified scanning directly to the cloud. Business Essentials provides all the tools you need for improving productivity across your most document-intensive departments.

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Discover full bodied document management solution at a minimum cost! As a subscription-based product, Business Essentials is an affordable cloud solution that is reliable and secure, creating a unique value for organizations who are looking to embrace a complete digital transformation.



Change the way you spend your day! Business Essentials comes equipped with preconfigured solutions for managing records in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources and Contract Management, enabling your team to spend less time shuffling paper and more time focusing on key responsibilities.



Getting started is easy and immediate! Business Essentials is designed to be delivered at the same time as your office equipment, or simply configured into your existing devices. From the moment you begin scanning, documents are digitally converted and managed in a secure and accessible cloud platform.



Business Essentials is a highly customizable platform that can be easily expanded on for the unique needs of your organization. As part of the Square 9 family of solutions, it’s easy to compliment your Business Essentials system with optional solution add-ons like workflow automation or web forms management.


There Is An Easier Way!

GlobalSearch Cloud for Business Essentials offers complete preset databases with optional expandability, allowing you to immediately begin automating the flow of information.


Accounts Payable

Providing invaluable tools for quickly completing the Three-Way Match and additional transaction research functions.


Accounts Receivable

File searching and automated email allows you to resolve any disputed transaction quickly, so your payments keep flowing in.


Human Resources

By managing HR records, you can rest assured employee data is secure yet easily accessible in the event of a payroll review or audit.


Contract Management

Organize and categorize your agreements in a meaningful way and then launch them to Microsoft Word for editing or to print.

How it Works

GlobalSearch Cloud for Business Essentials is a simple yet powerful content management solution enabling you to manage your digital transformation strategy with the highest level of efficiency.


Import Your Information

By leveraging the scanning capabilities of your office’s multi-functional printer or desktop scanner, digitally transforming your documents is as easy as pressing a button! Documents can also be easily imported into Business Essentials via drag and drop or from a local or network file share.

Secure Business Content

Upon completion of the capture process, business information is released to a secure and compliant cloud repository where it is protected and ready to be referenced in seconds. This repository is then divided into four Archives, representing common business areas including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources and Contract Management.

Catalog Document Data

Within each Archive, fields are provided for indexing your documents with consistency. These standardized fields make sure that relevant information is being captured that will allow users to quickly search and retrieve the information they are looking for when needed.

Informative Search Results

Business Essentials provides users with the flexibility to search for content based on a variety of document parameters. When a Search is run, documents are presented within seconds through an organized “tabbed” design. These tabs represent types of document within an Archive such as Purchase Orders, Packing Slips or Vendor Invoices in the Accounts Payable Archive.

Extend Document Automation

Maximize office efficiency by adding automated workflows to control the path of captured information. Business Essentials can be easily customized and expanded to include business process automation, advanced digital transformation strategies and even web forms management.
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