GlobalSearch C2 Product Notification

A key benefit with cloud computing is that you always have access to the latest technology and that's true for our GlobalSearch C2 user community as well. Square 9 Softworks is excited to announce that beginning in June 2019 we will begin upgrading all GlobalSearch C2 instances to the 2019 Summer Release.

This upgrade will bring significant feature enhancements, but could also impact your user experience if you are unfamiliar with the pending changes, which include: 

  • An Updated Grid Style Interface - This exciting design change brings many new capabilities to document searching, sorting and reporting that help you to work more efficiently.

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  • New Document Editing Tools - Users will now have the ability to insert, replace, delete and burst pages from a document through thumbnail selection.

  • Drag and Drop Page Reordering - A convenient new toll for re-arranging the pages of a document via the thumbnail view.

  • Access to GlobalSearch Extensions -  Gain direct interaction between the cloud and your desktop applications including Microsoft Outlook, GlobalSearch from Windows Explorer, Web-based scanning and more.

  • Document Keyword Searching - For customers working with text based documents, we have introduced the ability to search for keywords or phrases while viewing a selected image.

You will be notified of your specific upgrade date and time window, prior to July 2019. We will be following up shortly on upcoming changes with an Introduction to GlobalSearch 5.0 video - stay tuned!

If you have any questions about this system upgrade, please contact

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