Certified GlobalCapture Engineer (CGCE)

Audience: Reseller Technical Personnel, Customer System Managers

Prerequisites: Students must have taken one of the following: CSSA, GSGS, SSM

Duration: Approx. 4h

Description: This fast-paced video series is for customers and Resellers who intend to design, manage, or support workflow processes in GlobalCapture, and is recommended for anyone who completed Certified Square 9 System Architect (CSSA) prior to Sept of 2016 when GlobalCapture replaced Capture Workflow in the CSSA curriculum. 

Topics include:

  • Accessing and understanding the GlobalCapture interface and Nodes
  • Using a GlobalCapture Workflow to importing document into GlobalSearch
  • Data Capture in GlobalCapture, including creating and using Templates and RapidAdapt
  • Understanding the Batch Manager
  • Understanding the Validation Station
  • GlobalCapture management including licenses, portals, and registration
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