Live Webinar:

Automotive Essentials: Managing Repair Orders and Deal Jackets in a Whole New Way

Automotive Dealers commonly struggle with managing and storing the abundance of paper they print for Repair Orders and Deal Jackets. Automotive Essentials by Square 9 Softworks is an affordable solution designed just for Automotive Dealers that solves the paper filing pain point once and for all.

Discover how to streamline the most common document-intensive processes in the automotive industry by dynamically capturing, storing and retrieving the growing volume of paper records within dealerships. These paper records are stored in a secure cloud repository, eliminating the storage of paper-based Repair Orders, Invoices and Deal Jackets forever. 

Join us for a live presentation on Tuesday, February 18th, 2020 at 12 PM ET and learn how our Automotive Essentials solution helps sales and service departments: 

  • Simplify the process of scanning and filing of Repair Orders and Deal Jackets into a secure cloud repository
  • Easily access estimates, part lists and more in seconds to satisfy MVD inquires or to protect against consumer protection inquires. 
  • Secure approved and denied Customer Credit Applications and the Personally Identifiable Information they contain
  • Manage records retention policies as outlined by both State agencies and the United States Department of Transportation
  • Easily transform printed information from dealer management systems:  Reynolds & Reynolds, CDK Global, and more


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