Rewards Program Made Easy!

Join Square 9’s GlobalAdvantage Rewards program to earn more when you deliver the solutions that drive efficiency. The Square 9 GlobalAdvantage Rewards Program allows our Reseller representatives to deliver products and services that increase the value of their solutions offering to customers, while earning additional benefits for themselves.

This program is designed to show our appreciation for the professionals who represent our products, while adding extra value to your efforts. GlobalAdvantage Rewards points are easily logged and then redeemed for gift cards and other promotional items through the GlobalAdvantage Rewards portal.

Programs - 2

Achievable Programs

Quarterly promotions allow you to earn points for sales on featured product or service bundles.

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Easily Managed

Manage your account easily in one place through the GlobalAdvantage rewards portal.

You Way - 1

Do It Your Way

Redeem points immediately for gift cards or allow points to build towards larger rewards.

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See Your Progress

Track progress over time and set goals for success through a solution sales program.