Square 9 GlobalCapture Education Program
Certified GlobalCapture Engineer (CGCE) - Video Series

This video series provides in-depth detail of Square 9’s GlobalCapture document capture automation engine – from general introductions to designing capture workflows – leveraging OCR templates, licensing and more.

  • Open to all Authorized Resellers and recommended for those who previously completed Certified Square 9 System Architect (CSSA) with Capture Worfklow
  • With completion of this video series and a passing grade on the exam, you will become a Certified GlobalCapture Engineer (CGCE)
  • Upon successful completion, you then have the option to attend and become certified as an Advanced GlobalCapture Engineer (AGCE)

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Advanced GlobalCapture Engineer (AGCE) - Class

Join us for a 3-day classroom-based course where you will learn GlobalCapture best practices for process analysis and design, including how to leverage advanced workflow tools such as Rapid Adapt Forms Learning and advanced data extraction.

  1. Pass the CGCE Exam - As an AGCE prerequisite, you must have completed the CGCE Video Series and passed the exam. If a failed test is submitted, the participant will receive a second chance. A passing grade ensures your eligibility for an upcoming AGCE class.

  2. Register and Attend AGCE Course in New Haven - Upon completing the prerequisite CGCE, please register for AGCE and we'll see you at Square 9's Headquarters in New Haven, CT for three days of in-depth GlobalCapture learning!

For travel questions and additional information, please contact education@square-9.com or visit the Education page at www.square-9.com/resources/education

GlobalCapture EDU Brochure AGCE Course Details & Syllabus Register for AGCE