A Dream Within a Dream

GlobalCapture 2.1 Featuring GlobalForms 10

Dreams Do Come True

Imagine if you had a capture solution that transformed everything, from scanned images to email, into high value business information. Now imagine if that same solution offered you the ability to create dynamic web forms that could be shared with your customers, vendors, and employees, so you could gather even more information with minimal effort. Finally, imagine all of that captured and transformed information put into motion, and shared for making important daily business decisions. Could a solution like that make you more efficient and profitable? We think so...

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True To Form

Still distributing forms to your employees, customers, or vendors, only to have that same information re-entered into various business applications? GlobalForms 10 can help you get control of your forms problem quickly!

Featuring a library of customizable options for common business forms, GlobalForms 10 was built specifically with the customer in mind. Now with robust styling options for both designers and users, Forms 10 provides an improved user experience all around.

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Less Work, More Flow

Wouldn't you like one workflow platform that does it all? With its own business process engine, GlobalCapture reduces the time and expense of workflow design by delivering a single path for the flow of information. Scanned images, PDFs, emails and their attachments, all join together in a single process for cohesive information management.

Oh, and did we mention it also supports web forms, too? GlobalForms is now fully integrated with GlobalCapture, creating one workflow platform and unified queue for reviewing all captured information, including web forms!

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The Choice is Yours

Need to run an approval process on information captured from a scanned invoice? You can send that data to an ECM system like GlobalSearch, or simply release directly to your file system! With an enhanced business process management engine, GlobalCapture allows for document routing and approval, prior to releasing to a repository. With improved ways to automate the flow of information, you now have the freedom to focus solely on the capture process, including the ability to work in tandem with other business applications.

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Learn to Adapt

Your data capture software should adapt to the way you work, without any special technical skills or outside help! RapidAdapt® Forms Learning provides the power to self train GlobalCapture to recognize, classify, and extract document data, driving greater value today and everyday going forward.

For broader adoption across your organization, you can how set up escalations for notifying you when an unclassified document arrives. RapidAdapt Forms Learning delivers the flexibility to easily adapt to your ever changing business processes.

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And More, Much More

GlobalCapture 2.1, featuring GlobalForms 10, could be the biggest thing that’s happened to information management since well, our last product release! Learn more about all the cool stuff you can do with the latest version of GlobalCapture, including a unified strategy for process automation, with the strength of web forms management.

Task Based Control

Users only see the work assigned to them as task distribution to meets any need without compromise. Documents are readily available to those who need it, when they need it.

User Defined Actions

User actions may be built into web forms and document based processes as required by the business task or user. Actions can easily be taken from any document or directly from your task list.

Timed Escalations

GlobalCapture allows for time based escalation of tasks in any work queue. Task escalation can be used to nudge users to take action, or move tasks to a different user or queue.

Robust Platform

The latest GlobalForms platform extends capture to the web, allowing for content creation across an unlimited number of business verticals. With a simple design interface, data capture is now an integral part of web forms.

Enhanced Security

GlobalCapture has the unique ability to secure documents to users based on variables. This means user access can now vary based on where a document is within a process, as security can be applied at each validation point.

More Leverage

Users can now leverage Business Process Management in GlobalCapture without the need for an ECM platform. Built for those who want to release data to a third party application, but still need to review and approve the information.

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Additional Information 

Resolved Production Issues 

A complete list of resolved production issues are addressed in the GlobalCapture 2.1 release.

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GlobalCapture 2.1 featuring GlobalForms 10 is now available to Resellers via download starting February 15, 2018.


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