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GlobalForms Spring 2022

Create Sophisticated Web Forms with Ease

GlobalForms Spring 2022 simplifies web form creation through an extended no-code platform allowing you to build dynamic forms on your own, in less time. With this latest release and its next-level web forms for data capture, you'll eliminate costly, inefficient, and unsecure paper processes from your organization. Using simple point and click options, you can easily and quickly build forms that include data calculations, conditional values, multiple languages and more. GlobalForms, web forms management, makes common tasks simplified and can truly transform your business to meet the ever-changing needs of your employees, customers, and partners. 

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Here's What's New...

Submissions At-a-Glance Final 2

Submissions At-a-Glance

View submitted forms on a single landing page including forms still in-process with Task Lists. 

Simplified! Task Lists deliver insights to users on form submissions while they are still in process and offer a complete look at form activities in a single, centralized view. Perfect for those forms with multi-step processes such as purchase orders, expense reports, employment applications that often require review and approval before being finalized and filed. Task lists set up has been simplified to help speed up common processes such as form approvals and eliminate reliance on email for form interaction. 

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Name, Nombre, Nom Final

Name, Nombre, Nom 

Translate your web forms into multiple languages with ease.

Simplified! With the latest GlobalForms release, you can  repurposed translated fields again and again. Great for those fields that appear on every form such as name, date, and address. Translate each word or phrase just once and then share that translation across all the forms you chose. Makes fast work of multilingual form creation, helps you increase your response rate by presenting the form in a respondent's preferred language, and ensures consistency across your forms.

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Add It Up

Math doesn't have to be hard for anyone, anymore when you add calculations to your forms.

Simplified! With the no code basic math feature, guesswork around calculations is removed. With just a few clicks, it is easy to build forms that can sum fields, calculate total quantities, and report values. Utilizing this feature eliminates inaccuracies, so you'll see less errors and waste less time validating data. Common tasks such as expense report forms are now a breeze to create.

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Answer Required Final 2

Answer Required

Easily add required, hidden, or disabled fields to your forms through point and click.

Simplified! Complex form building is a thing of the past in GlobalForms Spring 2022. Through simple point and click, no coding required, conditional properties such as "disable", "required", and "hide" are easy to add. Just choose which property you want to add to a specific field by selecting it from a drop down menu. Adding conditional properties to forms helps speed user time to finish improving your completion rates.

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So much more...simplified

Default Values - Images - Previews - Role Management

Conditional Properties for GlobalForms Spring 2022

Setting Default Values

No coding required to add items such as the current date or current user to your forms. Just check the box of what information you’d like to collect on your form and it is automatically added.

Image Component for GlobalForms Spring 2022

Uploading Images

It is now as easy as drag and drop or clicking “browse” to add any image to your form. Images are easily scaled by specifying width and height in percentage or in pixels.

View button for GlobalForms Spring 2022


Previewing In-Process Forms

With just a click of the “View” button, you’ll be able to preview your form in a browser tab showing you how great it looks.
No more toggling back and forth.


Role Management GlobalForms Spring 2022


Role Management

Role and Permission Management has also been made easier. Using a simple menu, just point and click to designate a user as a form administrator or a form approver. If they move to a new position or leave the company, you can just as easily delete them from their role. GlobalForms Spring 2022 makes this once complex task for determining user or groups of users roles for a form simplified!

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