Completely Reimagined Security Management 

GlobalSearch 6.1

Simpler, Streamlined, and More Secure

The latest version of GlobalSearch, version 6.1, extends its security model to include third-party identity management providers and simplifies security management with enhancements to the permissions manager that include more options to view user privileges by object, user, or group.



Identity and Access Management

Using a single point of entry, all users can now sign in to GlobalSearch through either Okta or Microsoft Azure AD*, only needing one username and one password to access GlobalSearch along with other network destinations. Your customers can now experience all the benefits of single sign-on:

  • Less time required to login to multiple applications 
  • Lower help desk workloads with fewer users calling for assistance with lost passwords 
  • Reduced password fatigue
  • Greater incentive to create strong passwords
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*A separate subscription is required to Okta or Microsoft Azure AD.

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Best of Both Worlds

More options for managing permissions

Square 9 has made it easier than ever to manage your GlobalSearch user permissions.  Still available is the popular traditional approach of looking up permission by user, but now with a click, you can switch to view the security of an entire archive. This new view option is excellent for permission management, as well as answering questions regarding permissions.

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Better Together

Secure permissions to an entire department or location

The latest version of GlobalSearch also makes it easy to secure permissions through the new “GlobalSearch Groups” feature. No longer do you have to issue permissions to each user. Instead, simply create a group with similar permissions and grant that group access to select archives while restricting permission to other archives. Adding and removing users from a group can be done in just a few clicks. This new feature helps simplify security administration and saves time.  Creating Groups is possible from the QuickStart Menu.

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Delivering the Inbox to
Your Browser

Inboxes are now available in the browser

Inboxes work just like an inbox on your desk but without all reams of paper piling up. They can eliminate clutter, lost documents, and help users stay highly organized. Any inbox secured to a user is located in the navigation pane on the right of the browser client; you’ll love how organized it lets you be.

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Updating the Desktop

Cloud users can now opt to use the desktop version of GlobalSearch, which can be easily downloaded for those who prefer a desktop experience.

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**Important Note Regarding GlobalSearch 6.1**

GlobalSearch 6.1 will only support user-based activities such as search and view in Internet Explorer 11. No administrative functions will be supported. As of August 17, 2021, Square 9 will end Internet Explorer 11 support in line with the end of support for IE 11 by Microsoft.

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