GlobalSearch Fall 2022
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New Customizable, No Code Features

The latest version of GlobalSearch, the Fall 2022 release, offers new features to simplify document-related tasks for users and continues to provide a seamless user experience. The extended security model now includes sign in with Google, an additional third-party identity management provider.
In addition, the latest version allows for new levels of customization without needing advanced technical expertise, offers enhancements to extend customized business processes to be more efficient, and improves data layer accessibility.


Identity and Access Management

Using a single point of entry, all users can now sign in to GlobalSearch with Google, Okta, or Microsoft Azure AD*, only needing one username and one password to access GlobalSearch along with other network destinations. Your customers can now experience all the benefits of single sign-on:

  • Less time required to login into multiple applications 
  • Lower help desk workloads with fewer users calling for assistance with lost passwords 
  • Reduced password fatigue
  • Greater incentive to create strong passwords
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*A separate subscription is required to Google, Okta, or Microsoft Azure AD.


Discover the Fall 2022 Release Features

Database Globalsearch Final 2022

Complete Demo Databases

Access complete databases in minutes

Square 9 has made it easier than ever to download complete databases with documents from the QuickStart menu.  Drastically reduce the time and effort to set up your demo environment. 

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Pattern Field Validation

Data entry control, so the right information is always collected

The latest version of GlobalSearch makes it easy to require specific patterns or formats to enter data on a single field. In addition, these patterns can provide enforcement and custom messaging to set user expectations. This new feature gives users a clear message of how the data must be entered in the field while processing data. We've also provided some of the most common patterns, but administrators can also create custom patterns.

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Pattern Field Validation
Advanced Links Final

Advanced Links

Extended business process efficiency

Use Advanced links to connect GlobalSearch to the applications you work with daily. With Advanced Links quickly send an email, schedule a task or connect to other web-based applications like Salesforce.com or NetSuite with ease. Users can use Advanced links from the document viewer and the document grid in an archive.

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Auto XChange

The latest GlobalSearch Fall 2022 release allows provisioned Data XChange lookups to fire automatically on a new or to update an existing document. Simply save your document and watch GlobalSearch pull information from other data-driven applications to quickly file documents with minimal data entry. This feature provides real-time data feedback loops in the document viewer and triggers when a document is saved, removing steps. 

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Auto XChange Final
Live Fields Final

Live Fields

Live Fields provides a level of customization never seen before in an ECM solution. Administrators can create custom behaviors by easily inserting their own javascript logic. We've already built some common use cases: 

  • Warn users of a Blank Field when exiting
  • Reason Code Requirements
  • Insert Geolocations Services
  • Automated Annotations
  • Field and Table summing
  • Perform Row Level Calculations

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