K-12 Guide

The Future of K-12: Your Guide to Embracing Document Management and Automation

Paper-based work is a soul-crushing drag on individual, team, and school district productivity. K-12 school districts are smothered by paper, hindering innovation and the overall educational experience. But what if there was a better way?

This guide provides a detailed overview of how educational institutions can manage records more easily and operate more efficiently with an intelligent information management solution. It covers various topics, from record capture and retention
to back-office process automation and integration with existing educational solutions.

Developed specifically to help K-12 school districts, this will show how automation enables your schools to:

  • Capture, manage, and store thousands of student records, no matter their format or source
  • Protect sensitive information such as immunization records and special education documents in a FERPA and HIPAA-compliant repository
  • Securely share records with team members and parents
  • Easily and quickly access all required documents for special education team meetings 

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