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Create a healthy and safe workplace for your employees through the use of a touchless screening process

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Are you protecting the health of your
employees, customers, visitors, and business?

Manage vaccine tracking, contact tracing, and information access using Return to Work Essentials from Square 9. The cloud-hosted, completely touchless, health screening solution allows you to screen anyone entering your facility through a few simple steps ensuring the status of their health while limiting the spread of infection. 

"As the number of COVID-19 cases rises around the world, so does the importance
of outbreak risk mitigation in your workplace or on your jobsite. Even with vaccines now
being administered across the country, public health experts caution that the virus will continue
to play a role in our lives through 2021. Your pandemic action plan is just as important now as
it was this past spring – perhaps even more so. This includes contact tracing, which can be
a time-consuming, inefficient challenge. But it doesn’t have to be."
Safety and Health, January 24, 2021

With Return to Work Essentials, you'll:

-Limit the exposure of your employees to outside threats
-Manage vaccine tracking in a HIPAA compliant repository
-Protect against unwarranted liability claims
-Securely collect and export invaluable transmission tracing data

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The Changing Dynamic of Work: Reopening Your Office

As businesses look to reopen, creating a health and safety plan is imperative for employees to feel safe and comfortable as they head back to their workplace. Find out how to prioritize the health and safety of employees, along with visitors, and customers with some of our helpful guidelines.
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