Simplifying Document-Related Tasks in Your School District with Automation

Every school district has its strengths and challenges to overcome, including managing documents outside of its student information system and maintaining HIPAA and FERPA compliance. But learning ways to overcome these obstacles with digital transformation solutions can enhance district productivity and improve the collection of student, staff, and back-office documents that reside outside of your SIS.

Join us for our Live Event: Simplifying Document-Related Tasks in Your School District With Automation. We will focus on ways to increase efficiencies throughout your school district by:

  • Increasing access to student documentation from anywhere - even in remote learning environments.
  • Enabling quick and user-friendly, permission-based searching of student records
  • Protecting and securing student records while ensuring compliance with FERPA and HIPAA regulations
  • Easily locating documentation when applying for special education grants or due process
  • Integrating student records with student information systems like PowerSchool or Infinite Campus