The Beauty of Innovation

GlobalSearch 4.5

The Browser In Full Effect

You will immediately notice a key difference in GlobalSearch 4.5, with its newly re-designed web interface. The convenience of the modern browser and the features you know and love in the desktop client are combined to provide a completely new experience. The pragmatic simplicity of a table-style look and feel, lends itself beautifully to a workspace that’s designed for the both the casual and power user alike.

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A Table With Many Legs

With an intuitive new table presentation of your stored content, GlobalSearch 4.5 allows you to perform all common actions from an easily understood display of information.

Simply hover over a transaction and see a thumbnail preview of your record. Need to make a quick change to how a record is filed? No problem. With the proper permissions, the information presented is fully editable, right from the table. You can even update multiple records at once with a quick search and replace feature.

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Find That Needle In A Haystack

The new table display of information delivers additional opportunities for working more efficiently with search results. Easily sort your results by one or more columns in ascending or descending order. Pin or hide columns as needed. And with the new enhanced data export utility, you can customize which fields of data you need, making custom report generation easier than ever. To take it even further, users now have the power to control how they work, as all of the sorting and display options can be customized to the individual user’s needs.

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Visualize The Flow of Information

Need a better way to see where your work is at all times? We've got you covered! GlobalSearch 4.5 delivers a visual flow of information through a new “tabbed” style interface that allows you to dynamically group information based on its workflow stage or by whom a task is assigned to.

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The Gang's All Here

GlobalSearch 4.5 brings the Global Suite of products into a single platform that's available to administrators within an administrator's portal. This makes configuring and supporting all aspects of your Square 9 content management platform easier than ever, regardless of whether it's GlobalSearch®, GlobalCapture®, or GlobalAction®.

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Who What When.png

The Who, What, Where, and When...

Need to know who's doing what to your documents? GlobalSearch 4.5 delivers a new Audit Trail view that gives you immediate insight into who viewed, edited, emailed, or moved a document, and provides convenient filtering and export options for making even greater use of that data.

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Empowering the Browser with GlobalSearch Extensions

The key to bringing local desktop functionality to the web browser is to marry the two worlds so you can call on local resources as needed. GlobalSearch 4.5 expands on our powerful Extensions platform to bring new functionality to our web-based user community like never before.

Capture Information In Volume

Migrating from a legacy system or outsourcing your document scanning? We've got it handled! You can now import data and documents quickly and easily through the browser in GlobalSearch 4.5.

Working With Live Content

Launch content from the browser directly to any desktop application including Word®, Excel®, Outlook®, or PowerPoint®. Or create your own custom launch table to open records in the application of your choice.

Email Integration With Outlook

Sharing information through email has never been easier as GlobalSearch now connects with your local email client. Attach and send documents as you would within our desktop client, but now made better in the web.

Updating Groups of Records

The reality is that employees get married and change their last names, and customers or vendors get sold, changing their names as well. You can now bulk update groups of records to quickly and easily accommodate the changes life presents.

Print Information to GlobalSearch

Ever have a receipt presented through the web that you need to save for your records in GlobalSearch? Or maybe you just want to save a report you’re viewing. With the new GlobalSearch PDF Print Driver you can print anything from anywhere - directly to GlobalSearch.

Send Information to QuickBooks®

Looking to automate the flow of captured information into QuickBooks so you can create customer invoices or vendor bills without additional data entry? Square 9's QuickBill Extension works to make QuickBooks transaction creation both quick and easy.

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Breaking Changes
& Release Notes

A complete list of resolved production issues are addressed in the GlobalSearch 4.5 release.

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Introducing Confluence

The modernization of technical information - experienced, updated, and accessed in real time.

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Download Media for GlobalSearch 4.5

GlobalSearch 4.5 is now available to all Authorized Resellers via download starting October 3, 2017.


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