There are many variables to truly understand the health, economic and business impact of COVID-19. We are all facing this unprecedented situation together and while the pandemic continues to change daily, we want to let our customers and partners know that we are here to be a constant amongst the unknown.

At Square 9, we began implementing a work from home program on Fridays just about two years ago to offer more of a work-life balance for our employees. Out of precaution we have extended this program for the time being to minimize public exposure and to help keep our employees healthy. This decision was made with the protection of our employees and their families in mind.

Customers and Partners should know that Square 9’s corporate and satellite offices are fully equipped to handle 100% operational functionality using a remote workforce. We are, and we will continue to remain, at your service.

For many customers, the decision to leverage Square 9 was based on a need for remote access to business critical documents and data. For those that never anticipated such a need until now, know that Square 9 has you covered.

Our support desk is fielding many questions from customers looking to enable a completely remote workforce. Rest assured that Square 9’s product offerings can fully support your business needs now, and in the future.

Business Essentials (our document management cloud solution) is accessible to you anywhere, from any modern browser for real-time access to critical business information, so you too can minimize your employees to public exposure. This solution helps meet the needs of many Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources and Contract Management departments and we are able to have this solution up and running for you in a matter of 24 hours. With Business Essentials, you can transition to a work remote program easier by allowing your employees to be just as productive and collaborative with this solution.

We are taking the spread of Coronavirus very seriously, although there are many unknowns, we are here to help make sure you can continue to have a productive business even within these trying times.

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